Protecting Your Heart


Are you protecting your heart? 

Approximately 1 woman every minute dies from a heart attack in America. That is 1 in every 3 women according to the American Heart Association. 

This year the Doctors Office of Dr. Eldridge FACOG wants every woman to be prepared to know the signs of a heart attack.  

Besides yearly "Well Women's Exams" from your family care doctor, every woman should routinely check for the following: 

  • Check if heart disease is hereditary in your family 
  • Frequently monitor your cholesterol and fat intake in your diet
  • Get regular exercise. At least 30 minutes per day of brisk walking will do 
  • Commit to stop smoking 

Dial 911 Immediately if you suspect you're having a heart attack.

According to the article "Gender and Heart Disease," by The American Heart Association: 

Women can also have subtler, less recognizable symptoms such as pain or discomfort in the stomach, jaw, neck or back, nausea and shortness of breath. As a result, women are often unaware that what they’re experiencing is a heart attack. So what happens? Women blow off the warning signs, assuming something else is the problem. 

Article Retrived on January 31st, 2017